360 Spatial Logic

Spatial Patterns

Much of community planning eventually focuses on projects and spaces, place-making so to speak. While the physical layout becomes the focus of stakeholders, the less visible complexities of regulatory frameworks set the terms for development.  360 Spatial Logic assesses, analyzes and drafts regulatory frameworks with an aim to integrate economic, environmental and social values; suitable locations facilitate harmonization and co-habitation of multiple uses.  While the singular-use purposing of lands can be acceptable, the integration of activities can also reduce administration and operational costs, while leading to more complete, accessible full-service communities.  360 Spatial Logic can be a partner in reviewing and re-drafting land-use regulations so that the physical outcomes on the terrain illustrate and advance the community's values.  

What 360SL's team can do...


We provide a range of urban planning and administrative assistance to municipalities: GIS mapping, subdivision site planning, project design, heritage guidelines, alternative transportation systems, bylaw review and revisions, economic analysis, asset management, infrastructure assessment, and more. 360SL can help communities make the shift toward exceptional outcomes.


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