360 Spatial Logic

"Restore human legs as a means of travel. Pedestrians rely on food and need no special parking facilities." Lewis Mumford


Whether the setting is a small village, town or larger city, the push-and-pull of renewal and preservation leads to consideration for past, existing and future approaches. 360 Spatial Logic's local government and community consulting services deliver assessments, analyses and recommendations for establishing healthy, sustainable outcomes based on social, economic and environmental objectives. In determining regulatory frameworks, strategic directions, or project designs, 360 Spatial Logic is ready to assist with expertise in all aspects of land-use planning, from conceptual through to design and project implementation phases. 

Michael Maturo is the Prinicipal of 360 Spatial Logic. He has worked in urban planning contexts at the municipal and regional levels for the last 10 years in British Columbia, and previously worked for 10 years in a similar capacity in both post-conflict Bosnia-Herzogovina and Kosovo. His collaboration with local officials and stakeholders from dozens of municipalities provides a depth of experience.